Tears of the Gods

Being the only jewels that are grown in living organisms, pearls belong to the most fascinating creations in the world of jewellery. To cultivate them, small beads are implanted into the oysters, which envelop them with nacre to protect themselves. As a result of this harmonious interaction between man and nature a unique pearl emerges several years later. Distinctive in form and colour, the iridescent play of light is featured in the pearl’s lustre, which has often been copied, but never matched.

Inspired by the idea to blend grace, ornament and eventually also functionality into a new unity, we have developed jewellery lines which modestly lend their support to the miracles of nature from the depth of the oceans while setting them off to their best advantage: Marked by an unobtrusive design style and timeless elegance and hand-made with fine materials in the very heart of the city of Frankfurt. Formerly pearls were believed to be the tears of the gods. Their supernatural beauty continues to fascinate many of us today. While it is certain that pearls are of this world, they may well bring tears of joy.


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