24 Carat

Fine Gold – 24 Carat

Fine gold is absolutely pure, unalloyed gold – 24 carat. In nature fine gold is retrieved as so called nuggets or enclosed within rock. The gleam and warm colour of pure gold can solely be recognised with jewellery made from fine gold. Our ancestors already used it for religious or royal pieces of jewellery. This is where the mystics of fine gold are based upon: the legendary precious metal decorated leaders of all kinds of civilisations and backgrounds, however the gold was always reserved for special personalities only. Even contemporary pieces therefore resemble historic jewellery from a past period of time. Today fine gold is an important part of the Biegel collection and very popular with many clients and
connoisseurs. In contrast to i.e. platinum, fine gold is a very soft metal and therefore difficult to work with. Only through forging and compression of the material we are able to manufacture long lasting precious jewellery. Complex shapes and grail optics are not as easy to achieve as with alloyed gold – one reason for the composition of metals. The unique glow and the high density of this metal extinguish the gold’s sensual qualities –
especially when you get in contact with it.


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